Alice in Escher’s Wonderland

Eleanor Turner – Alice in Escher’s Wonderland – Simon Duggal Reggae Mix

“When I first heard Eleanor’s Alice in Escher’s Wonderland composition I was mesmerised. It’s a beautiful piece made all the more enchanting by her performance. I love and make all kinds of music though on hearing this I felt compelled to do something different with it. Unbeknown to Eleanor, one night I downloaded the video of her original version from Facebook, dropped it into Ableton Live and began adding a Reggae vibe to it, purely for my own enjoyment to start with. It took a little doing to get her audio and video synchronised with my click track. Thereafter I spent just over an hour playing some drums, bass and guitar parts on it, and mixing it as I went along. My take on it in such a short space of time is by no means perfect but I think I’ve added a unique slant to it that I hope you’ll enjoy.” Simon Duggal – Producer

Composed by Eleanor Turner. Remix and additional production by Simon Duggal.

©2020 2968 Records & Eleanor Turner. All rights reserved

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